Apex Legends Shadow Society Gameplay Changes

Apex Legends Shadow Society Gameplay Changes

As with many major updates, Apex Legends’ Season 20 left a bit to be desired. Players quickly identified bugs and balance issues with weapons and Legends. Let’s take a look at how Respawn has addressed these and other gameplay changes with its latest Apex Legends patch note – Shadow Society.

Weapons feel more Balanced

Nothing sits worse in your hand than an unbalanced weapon. Whether it’s overpowered or missing a bit of fire, it can ruin your overall experience. Thankfully, in Apex Legends Respawn has improved the performance of the following weapons:


  • The vertical recoil while aiming down has been increased.


  • Ammo reserves and blast patterns have been tightened.
  • The initial projectile span has gone up.
  • Players can expect better handling.


  • The animation will now match the energized time.


  • Decrease in ammo reserves from 90 to 72
  • Optic is replaceable now.
  • 1x Digital Threat is no longer equitable.

Legends More Legendary than Ever

The new Apex Legends update with Breakout have really switched up the Legends on your Apex accounts for sale. But it was always going to come with the risk of damaging the balance of the game. Below, you’ll find some of the major updates through the new patch note.


  • Ammunition has been removed.
  • Lasting Bullet receives a promotion to Level 2.
  • Get a 2s speed boost with successful hits with Tactical


  • The cooldown on the rolling thunder has gone up to 4.5m from 4 m.
  • The smoke launcher no longer deals damage and dissipates faster. Additionally, the cooldown has gone up to 35s from 33s, while the duration of the smoke has fallen to 11s.
  • From the level 2 upgrades, the Big Bang has been removed, and the tactical cooldown has fallen by 5s.
  • In level 3 upgrades, players who trigger double time will no longer be tracked by auto-ping, while the healing rate using Refuge has risen to 3.5 HP/s.


  • Gas damage rises in increments of 1 per tick.
  • The gas slow effect will only apply for 2 seconds on the first damage tick.
  • Particle diffusers and residual toxins moved to levels 3 and 2, respectively.


The cooldown on the Radiant Transfer increased to 32s, while the Regen Interruption delay time is now 2s from 1s.


  • In level 2 upgrades, the Tactical Cooldown has been removed, while the cooldown on the new Tactical Cooldown++ is now equal to its deployment duration.
  • In level 3 upgrades, Gift Wrapped has been omitted, and a new gold-plated package spawns with Golden Gear.

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Additional Shadow Society Changes

From the three sets of Care Packages in Apex Legends, the weapons from the first set were removed, pushing the seasonal gold weapons to their original spawn points. Respawn claims to have done this because it was giving an unfair advantage to early founders.

If you are a fan of the marksman and assault rifles, you’ll want to keep in mind that their spawn rates have been smoothed out to provide a more balanced experience. Additionally, if you’re thinking of hopping on to the Three Strikes game mode, just remember that the revive time is now 2 seconds, and you’ll be revived to full health. These changes could lead to more competitive matches, as players will keep coming back for more!