The Rise of AiyiFan: China’s Queen of Livestreaming

The Rise of AiyiFan: China’s Queen of Livestreaming

A Humble Beginning

In 2013, a then 23-year-old Li Jiaqi started her first livestream from her smartphone in a small apartment in Chengdu, China. Going by her screen name “AiyiFan”, she wanted to show off her makeup skills and chat with other beauty enthusiasts. Little did she know that her charming personality and talent for sales would catapult her to unprecedented heights.

Gaining Traction

Word of AiyiFan vibrant livestreams quickly spread on platforms like Douyin and Kuaishou. Viewers were drawn to her bubbly energy, lively interactions in Sichuan dialect, and skill for testing out the latest cosmetics with viewers in real-time. Brands also took notice of her ability to sell out entire inventories of products during streams.

By 2015, AiyiFan had amassed a loyal following of over 1 million fans and major makeup brands were eager to partner. She became one of China’s first influencer marketing success stories, helping introduce viewers to must-have products from both local and global labels. Her streams pulled in millions of concurrent viewers, cementing her status.

Rising to the Top

As AiyiFan’s popularity skyrocketed, she relocated to more spacious studios in Shanghai and Beijing to accommodate larger productions. Her streams transformed into multi-hour extravaganzas complete with giveaways, games, celebrity appearances and even musical performances. Brands were pouring enormous budgets into collaborations with “Big Sister Aiyi” as her followers fondly called her.

By 2020, AiyiFan had ascended to become China’s highest-paid and most influential livestreamer, raking in over $150 million USD per year. No one had more social capital or sales prowess on the landscape. She expanded beyond makeup into electronic, food and other verticals, helping countless brands enter the Chinese market.

Media & Business Savvy

Leveraging her reach, AiyiFan launched her own cosmetics and skincare lines to runaway success. She also published bestselling makeup guides and hosted wellness podcasts. Offline, she produced variety shows and documentaries highlighting inspirational women.

In 2021, AiyiFan incorporated as her own tech-media firm overseeing 100 employees across content, e-commerce and investments. Through strategic partnerships, she uplifted other livestream stars while mentoring the next generation. Her all-encompassing lifestyle empire placed her among China’s richest self-made women.

Here are some additional details about AiyiFan that could be included in the article:

Early Life: Li Jiaqi was born in Chengdu, China in 1990. She came from a modest background and was interested in fashion and beauty from a young age. She studied cosmetology in college.

Mastering Livestreaming: In the early days, AiyiFan streamed nearly every day to build her skills and connection with viewers. She became very adept at makeup techniques, reviews, discussions and using special effects. Her authentic personality shone through.

Pioneering New Formats: AiyiFan was innovative in developing largescale collaborative livestreams with brands. She organized some of the earliest themed campaigns, product launches and interactive shopping festivals with celebrities.

Business Acumen: In addition to her media firm, AiyiFan has stakes in beauty product manufacturers, livestream education platforms, and tech/mobile companies. She advises on research, strategic planning and cultivating new talent.

Philanthropy: AiyiFan actively contributes to charitable causes through public advocacy and large donations. Some causes include poverty relief funds, women’s shelters, education for the disabled and rural village development.

IndustryRecognition: AiyiFan has received numerous honors and awards from the Chinese government and business groups for her contributions to accelerating China’s digital economy, promoting culture, and empowering women.

Future Plans: In interviews, AiyiFan expresses hopes to further develop the livestreaming and influencer industry through innovation and job programs. She also aims to bring more Chinese cultural influences and businesses to the global stage.

Continued Reign & Giving Back

Now in her 30s with billions of career earnings, AiyiFan remains the undisputed queen of Chinese livestreaming. She runs glamorous streams for causes like women’s health initiatives and poverty relief. Constantly innovating new formats, she also advocates for protections of livestream industry employees.

Through perseverance and positivity, AiyiFan went from streaming in a cramped apartment to becoming a mogul and role model. With over 10 million followers across platforms, her inspirational journey starting “from scratch” shows that success is available to anyone willing to dedicate themselves fully.